Showcasing pride in the community

BAE Systems is renowned as one of the UK’s greatest British exports, with the Maritime division consistently developing state-of-the-art ships and submarines. This world-leading submarine production and technology oozes pride and passion and has been at the heart of the Barrovian and Cumbrian community for well over a century.

We celebrated this partnership of all things Maritime with all things Cumbrian, by showcasing ‘pride in the product’ and its amazing capabilities. Did you know that an Astute Class submarine in Barrow can track a ship 2,000 miles away leaving New York harbour? No, neither did we. So we told everyone how incredible that was along with other fascinating facts that provides further insight into a UK engineering project described as more complex than the space shuttle.

We used this level of detail along with visually engaging design, across all printed collateral through to digital and social media campaigns which incidentally out-performed all previous company microsites with 20,000 visits and 100,000 pages views in the first month.



1 month
20,000 visits
100,000 page views

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