Telling the ATLAS Story

Since 1995, the ATLAS Consortium has provided the MOD with the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII), the largest IT roll-out in Europe. The problem was, the outside world never really understood who ATLAS were or what DII was, let alone know about the great things it helped to achieve.

Our job was to tell their story. By repositioning the ATLAS brand, it helped us to focus the profile of the Consortium, then structure, script and spread the word about all the good things they’ve done.

We developed a great digital strategy and (an award-winning) website communications ‘hub’, which also extended to advertising, collateral and compelling audio visual work. After all, if you can communicate the huge scale of their story in a two minute movie, why wouldn’t you?

Brand development

1 great story
1 huge challenge
1 two minute movie

Website development

Motion graphics

1 solution
4 global IT giants
300,000+ end users

Advertising development

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